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Sour Sweets
13 December 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Woahhh long time, no update. It's been almost a month! What's uppppp? Nothing interesting has really been going on for me.

I have some pictures from my birthday
Nov. 17thCollapse )

that's it for now. On Tuesday I am going to Las Vegas, and I am super excited! We are going to go to a pinball museum :D and possibly the Liberace museum hahahaha.
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Sour Sweets
16 November 2009 @ 12:58 am
On Thursday I went to the Three Apples Hello Kitty art show and exhibit celebrating her 35th anniversary at Royal/T.

It was Hello Kitty Heaven
LOTS of picturesCollapse )

Sour Sweets
08 November 2009 @ 02:19 pm
All I do when I hang out at Branden's place is take pictures of his cats lol

Are you getting sick of seeing them yet?Collapse )

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Sour Sweets
08 November 2009 @ 12:16 am

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Sour Sweets
So, Tuesday, 15 minutes before I had to work an 8-hour shift a bee SOMEHOW got inside my shoe and stung the shit out of me. I had never been stung before so I was like "oh, god what do I do, I don't know if I'm allergic, but it's way too late to call out of work." omg it hurt sooooo bad I never want to get stung again. I drove to work and I must not have been hiding my pain too well because the first thing one of my co-workers said when she saw me was "oh my god, are you sick?" lol.

Soon everyone knew what happened and the store manager gave me an antiseptic wipe and band-aid hahaha. By the time I had to clock in it stopped hurting so bad, it just felt a little sore, so I was fine the rest of the day at work. Afterward I went to my ~*bf's house*~ and I noticed it was starting to swell a little before we went to bed.

I woke up and it was TOTALLY SWOLLEN and it hasn't stopped being swollen! I feel like an asshole limping around everywhere. I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't go down before Saturday, I guess I will have to call out of both my jobs, because my foot will barely fit in my shoes lol gross.

pictures of my GROSS FOOTCollapse )

Sorry for all the complaining.
Here is a picture of Branden's cat being cute and pudgy to make up for it.